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'Such a good job. In a couple of hours, my broken laptop screen was repaired. Staff is really talented and experts to find practical solutions with reasonable prices.'
Zeynep Tugba Cakmak

December 2019


Such a great team! These guys are as knowledgable as they are friendly and you just know you can trust them to do the best job. I had my phone screen replaced within hours after they gave me 3 options at 3 prices and they didn't do that annoying thing of telling me I should go for the most expensive one. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend
Joanne McCabe

December 2019

Should've come here years ago. Had been aware that my computer fan needed a clean for a couple of years. I determined to clean it myself, never got round to it and it got worse and worse. Took it in to Stamford Hill Computers and their friendly helpful staff had the fan cleaned and oiled in less than 24 hours. My laptop is now much quieter and cooler. Reasonable pricing too.

E Vie

December 2019

Super helpful and knowledgeable didn't charge me anything for some sage advice and talking though my issue

Thomas Groves

August 2019
Excellent service. I took my laptop in with a broken screen. They spent some time looking at different options and gave me some good advice all at no cost.
Ryan North

November 2015

Great service- fast, professional and friendly. I got a lot more than I had hoped for when asking for my laptop repair - and all at a very fair price! Would definitely recommend.
Babs Forman

February 2014

Once again, SHC have sorted out the problems on my computer, quickly and efficiently, at a very reasonable price. It is great to have somewhere local that I am confident to go to.




December 2013

Happy to recommend this place for computer repairs. Tahir the owner explained computers to me in a way that made it understandable and even interesting. He told me what my various options were and said we could start with the cheapest and easiest to see if that works. It has so far. I will difinitely go back there again if I have a problem. I feel lucky that I came across the place.
Wendy K

November 2013

Help...my computer has crashed! Yet another operating system..yet a new laptop, tablet, mobile...pant pant pant...how can I keep connected? All you need is a good GP and Stamford Computers. This is a really helpful independent Computer Store/Service that feels your computer 'pulse' and offers you what you need not what the big corporations think would be good for business. No hard sell...helpful advice...reliable...very reasonable and fair charges...and if you get fed up with talking about Kbps per second (and there aren't people waiting) try talking about philosophy or politics...the best place to keep you connected!!!
Joost Hunningher - 30/11/2013

January 2013

 I have now been to SHC two or three times over the years with various pc problems and each time they have been really helpful and pleasant to deal with. The problems have been explained to me and sorted out really quickly and at an extremely reasonable price. I would thoroughly recommend them, and will continue to use their services. I feel very lucky to have found this place! Thank-you Tahir and your team.

January 2013 S Powell


November 2012

My daughter's Mac had just stopped working, with all the drama and worry of a student who was suddenly without her documents, lectures etc. No, she hadn't backed up her files!  The "official" store said, before they would fix it we had to get the data recovered from the hard disc; I tried contacting a few Data-Recovery Sites on the web and got quotes of £500-2,000 and taking up to a week to complete. In desparation I took it to Stamford Hill Computers not expecting much; in fact they got all the data off within a couple of hours and charged me £80, and all with polite helpful staff.  I'll be going there again.

Paul Barnes November 2012



I visited stamford hill computers last week to discuss upgrade possibilities for my laptops (macbook pro and thinkpad).  I was a systems engineer in the 90s so I know enough to know when I need help :) and was very pleased with the service I received.  I was impressed by the time and care taken to assess the issues and discuss realistic options for my upgrades.  I was pleased to be offered a place to sit (and even a cup of tea!) whilst my machines were undergoing 'surgery' :) and I was constantly kept up to date with the progress of the upgrades by someone who obviously understands the meaning of the term 'personal' computer.  My expectations were well managed in that they said it might take a couple of days to finalise, and then exceeded when they telephoned to say they had set themselves a personal challenge to finish late that same day and I could come and collect!  I have been much happier using both machines subsequently and will be happy to use Stamford Hill Computers again.

 juliea_joules 06/11/2012 



Best place I know of for having any kind of Computing trouble sorted out. Owner a bit of an absolute Wise and very knowledgeable Wizard (also on life subject in general...) and if He or his most capable staff can't do it then they are good enough to point U somewhere else - Marvelous!!! Can only whole heartedly highly recommend.

Doc O 11/10/2012



 I consider myself to know what I'm doing with computers but when my Mac stopped working correctly and I tried everything I could to fix it, I knew I was stuck. I looked online for local Mac repair shops and came acroos Stamford Hill Computers. I looked at their reviews, especially the Mac based ones and decided from what I had saw, I would give them a shot. I walked past many other repair shops on my way but I wanted to goto SHC and I'm glad I did. Tahir and his staff were friendly and very welcoming, instantly trying and finding the route of my computer problems. I decided I wanted to possibly put in some more ram and Tahir, after opening my labtop case and reviewing how much I had suggested that I had plenty but noticed that I had a big build up of dust on my fans and cleaned it up for me straight away (This could have caused my Mac to overheat and possibly even catch on fire!) While the labtop was open I decided to get a new hard drive as I needed more space, Tahir offered me a 600gb hard drive and took a bit off the price for me which was extremely welcome! He then explained that this would also save all my files on my old drive as it would not need to be wiped to recover the Mac into working condition. After buying a slim HD case this now works as an external drive. The repair was quick, I received a txt saying it was ready for collection the same day and when I returned, my Mac had the latest OSX possible and even had it's case cleaned from Tahir's staff. If you have a problem with you computer I suggest you goto Stamford Hill Computers. Excellent, caring staff and a fast repair at a fair price. They met and exceeded my high expectations I had and now have of them.

Thanks again for your help.

Steve                 30/05/2012



"I was extremely impressed with the service at Stamford Hill Computers. Our Imac hard drive needed replacing which Tahir and
his team did very quickly. They also managed to retrieve all our data (500 GB), despite the fact that the old hard drive was badly corrupted.

We had previously contacted a number of Apple Mac repair services, all of which quoted us well over £1,000. Stamford Hill Computers charged us just £60 for the work, which they carried out extremely efficiently, professionally and effectively. I would
not hesitate in recommending them to anyone who has problems with their Mac!"

Many thanks

Tammy Nelson



My old iBook was in bad need of a repair – the jack and socket had been damaged, but otherwise it was functioning fine. I had taken it into both the Apple Store and to another Apple repair centre in town, and told that a simple repair job was going to cost me over £150. When I took it into Stamford Hill Computers, Tahir provided an effective solution, which cost around £30.

A few months later, I wanted to upgrade my laptop because it was running out of RAM and hard drive space, but I couldn't afford to buy a brand new Mac. But when it came to buying a second hand machine, I had my doubts. Taking this into account, Tahir offered me two options – to either add new RAM and extend the hard drive of the existing machine, or to trade in my old laptop and upgrade to a newer machine, which he had worked on, installing faster processing, RAM and hard drive. Though it was second hand, it was still affordable and every bit as good as the latest Macs. I went for the latter option because I realised that I could trust Stamford Hill Computers and Tahir – if there were any problems, Tahir would be around.

Since then, I've been really pleased with my choice, and it hasn't cost the earth.  Having not bought a new Mac, just because I'm doubtful about buying secondhand, it's been more environmentally responsible.

On a personal note, I have got to know Tahir well over the last year, and he is a friendly figure in the community. He is someone that you know you can go to and expect a good job done and an honest service.

Thanks Tahir!

Gina Lovett



"A wonderfully quick, efficient and honest service at, very importantly, a great price! I've saved so much coming to Tahir and his team rather than the apple store which would have cost an arm and a leg.  A faulty graphics card on my iMac was diagnosed, replaced and tested in 3 hours. This sort of speedy same day service will see me coming back if ever i have any problems or need some friendly advice.
Great job guys!
Jon, N16"



Sally Powell

‘My neighbour recommended Stamford Hill Computers and I, in turn, would recommend Tahir to anyone. I could only get my emails through the talktalk website despite spending some time on the phone with various help centres. Tahir spent about an hour, including talking to talktalk help centre. He was patient and extremely reasonable the cost (£20), and I now have emails. Thank you Tahir!


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